The Pretend

Putnam County News

and Recorder

An Editorial Meeting in Mayfield

Public relations in Philipstown

Deep in the loins of 144 Main Street, a crucial meeting begins with nothing less at stake than the reputation of our nation’s greatest media mind. Our fly is on the wall. More…

Newly Naked Natural Landmarks Embarrassed

Cold Spring’s natural wonders

Nellie Herveaux stepped out of her Chestnut Ridge apartment for her daily constitutional. Headed toward Main Street, she cleared the last apartment building, looked up, and blushed. More…

PCNR Set to Sponsor Dungeons and Dragons Tourney

Ooohing and aaaahing in Cold Spring

With Cold Spring’s 2016 fireworks display looking to be the worst yet, the PCNR has invited the community to a night of Dungeons and Dragons and endless soda pop and Doritos next Independence Day. More…

Elizabeth Ailes Not Pictured With Pope

Celebrity life in Philipstown

We can finally confirm that Mrs. Ailes, the publisher of the PCNR, who regularly delights PCNR readers with her picture, did not appear in photographs in the paper with Pope Francis, who recently visited New York. More…

10 Things the PCNR and the Other Dealybob Have in Common

Trying to get the news in Philipstown

If you’re walking around Cold Spring and happen across any memos fluttering in the wind, be sure to send them our way. If you happen to write memos, be sure not to leave your recycling on the street all week long! More…

Live Tweeting the 2015 PCNR Candidate Forum From Tape

Hearing people talk in Cold Spring

Some campaign workers left some literature in our mailbox about an election coming up, so we made our way back to the PNCR to see what’s going on. It’s not pretty, it’s not that interesting, but it’s terribly frightening. Trust us, you’ve heard it all before. More…