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Chamber Nips Ungrateful Shopowners - Putnam Race Now Promotes Yonkers

Doing business in Westchester

It’s payback time for local ingrates who fought Putnam Tourism’s effort to bring a bike race to Cold Spring’s Main Street.

Putnam Cycling announced today that the Putnam Classic bike race, designed to promote tourism in Cold Spring and Putnam County, signed its title sponsor, a shopping mall in Yonkers.

What better way to punish all the whining Main Street businesses who’ve been complaining for a year that the bike race will hurt them, than to send all their customers to a fake shopping community designed to feel like a small town.

The race will now be named after the corruption-plagued mall, Ridge Hill, and come race day the poor complainers of Cold Spring won’t be able to escape the banners across Main Street suggesting that tourists save their money for some real shopping in Westchester.

Other sponsors include The Putnam County News and Recorder, The Putnam Courier, and our favorite website, The Putnam County Bugler.

The race will now be called “The Ridge Hill Putnam Cycling Classic.”

Wise words from the announcement: “We are so excited by this tremendous growth of the Classic” said the Director of Tourism of Putnam County, New York, Libby Pataki, “With Westchester’s Ridge Hill and its family-friendly restaurants and stores and status as a regional outdoor sports retail center, we have the perfect partner to help propel the event to an entirely new level.”

And to repel Cold Spring’s tourist traffic away from all the local ungrateful businesses. We say “Way to go, Putnam County Director of Tourism Pataki!” That’ll show ‘em.

And it’ll show ‘em with a fake vision of Cold Spring, complete with its own trolley.

More wise words from the announcement:”Westchester’s Ridge Hill is a regional destination for the very best shopping, dining and entertainment Westchester has to offer. Patterned after a classic downtown with a lush town square, it features a children’s play area, dancing fountains and a trolley, the Westchester’s Ridge Hill Express.”

Can we get it to make a stop at the gazebo to take the local gadflies out of town?

“Putnam County Tourism is dedicated to positively promoting and advancing the visitor experience” …. in Westchester, suckers!

You go, girls!